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On The Go Security

Security Camera for Work Vehicles

Security Camera for Work Vehicles

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Tired of thieves stealing your valuable landscaping equipment when you are out at jobs or in the field? The ON THE GO Security Camera is a high-resolution, miniature camera that magnetically mounts to your vehicle, and continuously records your vehicle surroundings with a 150 degree field of vision! The camera includes a microSD card which can store a full work day's worth of footage and a microphone to capture sounds and voices. 

The footage can be provided to law enforcement, insurance, and whoever else that may need to investigate the crime. More importantly, the ON THE GO Security Camera provides a deterrent to would-be thieves, stopping them in their tracks before a theft occurs. 

The camera is powered by an internal battery, and is simply detached periodically and charged using a USB cord in your cab, office, or at home after a day in the field. 

No wires, no complicated mounting, and no need to have a WiFi or cellular connection. Comes with a powerful magnet that secures the camera to any metal surface on your vehicle. The ON THE GO Security Camera is the perfect solution to your mobile monitoring needs!

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